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Sertis and BrighterBee Launch AI and Data Training Programs to Empower Thailand’s Company Workforce

Sertis Co., Ltd., led by CEO and Founder Mr. Thuchakorn Vachiramon, has joined forces with Iris Consulting Co., Ltd., led by Managing Director Miss Pensuda Laosiripojana, to develop training courses centered on the fundamental knowledge of AI and data, under the program of ‘BrighterBee Live Learning Session’. Their aim is to educate and enhance the workforce of Thailand’s leading companies, such as King Power International Co., Ltd. and Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, among others. The objective is for these companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI and data, and to recognize the advantages of integrating this technology into their respective industries. Ultimately, this initiative is designed to enable them to effectively incorporate this knowledge across various teams in their organizations for future applications.

Mr. Thuchakorn Vachiramon, CEO and Founder of Sertis Co., Ltd., has revealed that Sertis, as a leading AI and data solution provider and digital consultant company aiming to provide suitable and efficient solutions and digital consultancy, aspires to deliver efficient solutions tailored for top Thai businesses. Recognizing the advantages of technology in bolstering and enhancing businesses, we are committed to crafting technology that aligns with the needs of businesses across all industries. This presents an excellent opportunity for collaboration with BrighterBee, a premier Thai educational solution company. Together, we have designed training courses available both online and offline throughout the year. These courses cover foundational knowledge and understanding of AI and data, its application in human resource development and cooperation, and guidance for individuals keen on exploring careers in the tech world. Since January 2023, we have introduced seven courses. These touch upon crucial knowledge, use cases, success stories, and the advantages for organizations considering the integration of AI and data into their operations. We firmly believe that companies looking to enhance their employees’ skills and understand the benefits of AI are laying the groundwork for a more robust organization. This will undoubtedly expedite business operations and growth, especially in the forthcoming era of digital transformation.

BrighterBee, an expert educational solution provider, aims at three crucial goals: driving business impacts, being loved by learners, and growing capability. This collaboration presents a significant opportunity for two organizations with expertise in technology and workforce skill enhancement to cooperate. Together, we create training courses for some of Thailand’s premier companies, including King Power International Co., Ltd. and Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, among others. We hope to play a role in empowering workforces to understand AI and data. Ideally, they will recognize the benefits of technology adoption and consider using these technologies to address their business challenges.

The collaboration between Sertis and BrighterBee, focusing on creating training courses in AI and data technology, will continue uninterrupted. Our objective is to bolster the skills of the workforce in Thailand’s leading companies. We aim to consistently update and align our course topics with the latest technology trends. This ensures that every participant will deepen their understanding of AI and data, enabling them to effectively integrate these technologies into their respective fields of work. Ultimately, we envision Thai organizations not only evolving but also taking the lead in their industries and achieving global standards in the near future.

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