Secure Higher Level of Biosecurity


A farm lab technology, merging an artificial intelligence is designed to optimize farm management with a real time monitoring, and documenting the performance of employees. The system will demonstrate as protecting a property from the entry and spread of pests and diseases transmitted from person to animal by direct contact.



CCTV cameras will detect a violation in the farm from recorded video

Violation data will be recorded and kept in Cloud for 30 days

Notify to users through a Line notification and speakers in real-time



Object Recognition

Up to 80 objects such as human, vehicles and etc. can be detected by CCTV cameras on the farm.


Color Recognition

The color shades of workers’ shirts  can be detected by the CCTV cameras in the farm.


 Zone Setting

Users can regulate zone area from CCTV footage, and select conditions in each zone.

Unauthorized - All persons are not permitted to access the selected zone / area


Violation Detection and Notification

The AI system will analyze the data from the received images (real time) and notify relevant parties immediately. E-mail/ Line/ Speaker inside the farm

Color Violation - Only persons who wear shirt with the selected color are permitted or not permitted to access the selected zone / area

Analysis Dashboard

Dashboard shows the information of recorded violation. Registered users can check the status of cameras, details of each validation, and historical statistics in visualization at anywhere and anytime.

Data shown in Dashboard

  • Equipment Status (Online / Offline)

  • Overall Violation Count (by Hour / Day / Month / Year)

  • Violation Ranking by Locations

  • Violation Count Breakdown

  • Average Violation Count (by Day / Month / Year)

  • Violation Information (Photo / Location / Detail)

CPF & Sertis elevate the livestock industry with AI

by producing Smart Farm for Thailand 4.0