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Face Recognition Solution

Enable businesses to use face recognition technology for access control, providing a convenient and secure way of opening gates and doors

Software Services
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Face Verification (1:1)

Validate if two images contain the same person based on their face. Examples include passport photo to webcam verification.

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Face Identification (1:N)

Face search. Identify a probe face using a database of faces. Search tens of thousands of faces to find a match.

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Face Detection, Key Points and Pose

Locate faces in an image, estimate their face keypoints (e.g. pupils, nose peak, mouth corners, etc.) and determine their head pose (e.g. frontal, left, right, etc.).

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Temperature Measurement

Fast and accurate way to measure body temperature to enable screening and monitoring of people

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Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)

Detect and prevent presentation attacks (e.g. printed and video replay attack) fooling your biometric system. 

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Deployment Flexibility

Our on premises, cloud-native and or edge based face recognition solutions and services offer supreme deployment flexibility


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Contactless Temperature Measurement and Facial Recognition Terminal


Global top tier performance

on NIST FRVT 1:1

Sertis Face Scan has been independently evaluated by the United States Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)* and achieved top tier ranking on their global Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) leaderboard on October 2019.


The NIST FRVT evaluates algorithms using multiple datasets, comprising millions of highly diverse images e.g. faces in the wild, Visa images, etc. In addition, it requires algorithms to run on constraint hardware with an inference time of under one second. It is an extremely challenging evaluation protocol and is considered the industry benchmark.


Well over 100 companies have submitted to the challenge from all over the world. Sertis ranked 12th globally for the images in the wild dataset, 17th globally for Visa-Webcam verification and 19th overall. 

*Result of vendor tests conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NIST test results do not constitute endorsement of any particular system by the government.

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Success Stories
Digital Provider - Sertis Face Scan
Certified by Depa in 2021
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Sertis Face Scan Pro

Our best-in-class contactless temperature measurement and facial recognition terminal, are being used at Internet Data Center (IDC), CAT Tower to enhance the security, convenience, and provide a contactless user experience for employees and customers.

Airport Services

Sertis formed a partnership with AirAsia to test face recognition boarding systems for Airports. This technology optimises the airline’s boarding process with improved speed and safety while enabling a more seamless passenger experience. The system is now being rolled out and is currently deployed in Airports in Malaysia and Australia. 


Access Control

Sertis Face Scan is currently being used by AirAsia in their headquarters for access control and face payment.  

Face Verification for Financial Services 

Sertis Face Scan is currently deployed in over 10,000 retail branches throughout Thailand. It provides fast, convenient and robust face verification for banking transactions. The system is by design compliant with financial regulatory requirements as well as data privacy and security laws. It is highly scalable and reliable and as such our customers plan to roll out Sertis Face Scan to thousands of additional branches in the near future.   

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