A fast and accurate way to measure body temperature to enable screening and monitoring of people as we deal with the current Covid-19 epidemic. The automated system enhances safety as it no longer requires human supervision of a traditional temperature measurement device.


The Thermal Camera system can also be integrated with a Face Recognition system to support identification, in addition to temperature monitoring. The combined solution provides access control functionality and temperature screening capability in one compact device.

Contactless Temperature Measurement

Measurement Deviation :  ±0.3°C

Effective Measurement Distance : 0.5-0.7 m

High Recognition Accuracy with anti-spoofing

*For face recognition without mask

on the MegaFace dataset for 100,000 distractors

Fast response time

Ensure smooth traffic flow

Access Control Integration

Integrate with gate access control for security screening

Display Dimension



LED Light

Proximity Sensor


272 x 135 x 30 cm

8" Touch Screen

Dual lens camera with RGB and IR

2 fill lights

Infrared sensor

Ethernet / Wifi / Bluetooth


Show real time log of attendance

Easy tool to add, edit, or delete profile

Export all transaction as .csv, .txt

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