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The optimized and portable machine learning SDK

What is oneML?

oneML is a fully-fledged C++ software development kit (SDK) providing APIs for a number of different AI/ML applications aiming to achieve the most efficient performance and making the SDK easy to extend by simply adding a new module. Potentially, it can be deployed on any target including CPU, GPU, and CUDA, and also any platform such as Android, iOS, embedded Linux, Linux, and Windows. 


Moreover, the oneML library provides API bindings in other programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, and Golang. Also, oneML is automatically built and tested every time something changes in the codebase.

Use Cases

with a wide variety of face-related and ALPR-related applications


Face or face masks detection

Detecting numbers of faces in an image by identifying confidence score, bounding box, landmarks, and poses of each face


Face embedding

Transforming an image into an embedding which is a list of numbers


Face ID

Registering a new identity into a database, validating images or embeddings, and predicting an identity based on identities in the database by calculating nearest identity distance, combined identity distance, and true/false identifiability of the image


PAD (Person Attack Detection)

Classifying a spoof probability of the image


Challenge response

Performing liveness detection on images or video by detecting blinks


Vehicle analysis application

Detecting vehicles and numbers of vehicles using confidence score and bounding box, classifying vehicle, detecting make or model, as well as detecting license plates



Providing an additional set of utilities such as reading an image from file and cropping and aligning a face in an image

oneML Supported Components

There is no prerequisite apart from having a compatible deployment environment with at least one combination of supported programming languages, operating systems, and target hardware and architectures. If the environment has high computational power, the SDK will run faster, but it won’t affect the accuracy.


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A licensing system is integrated into oneML providing features and usage control such as license keys, online or offline activation, expiration date and trial.

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