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Marketing in the Covid-19 Era and the Help from AI

Changes in the modern era and Coronavirus pandemic have significantly affected consumer behaviors and how brands do marketing. The marketing techniques now depend more heavily on technological advancements. In turn, those advancements allow the marketing field to grow exponentially and limitlessly. In this article, I would like to discuss how to use AI to develop marketing strategies that are most successful and meet consumer needs. Nowadays, individual consumers have diverse lifestyles and preferences, which has become a big challenge for marketers. They have to try hard to understand consumers in every aspect and meet their needs individually. This is where Big Data can help. Big data is a large volume of data that contains information exchanged, searched, transferred, and posted on social media, websites, or applications. For example, Big data allows marketers to analyse individual consumer behaviors such as interest, the period when they purchase, advertising content, participation in advertisements, purchasing decisions, and other reactions. Marketer’s creativity combined with automation, AI, and machine learning brings more effective marketing strategies. The technologies that support marketing communications to satisfy the needs of consumers are as follows:

  1. Hyper-personalisation: Brands can present products and services that match the interest of consumers. The content is customised to correspond with characteristics, needs, and platforms or channels that each customer use. Hyper-personalisation helps develop products and services that solve customers’ pain points and satisfy their needs.

  2. Geo-Location: This technology helps marketers present products and services to specific customers in suitable target groups, periods, and locations.

  3. Real-time Moment: This technology helps identify customer’s current locations accurately via mobile devices so that marketers can present products, services, and promotions in time and right when customers are still interested. It can increase consumer’s tendency to make a purchase decision easier.

  4. Recommendation System: Smart recommendation system help analyse consumer’s browsing history on each online platform.

Machine learning and Big data provide us consumer insights into both information as gender, age, occupation, and income, and more specific information as behavior and interest. Accessing this information allows marketers to feel like they are consumers themselves and understand their needs more accurately. In this modern world, especially during the Covid-19 situation, when there are many changes and people need to rely more on communication tools, adapting technologies to support online marketing practices has never been more effective. Those technologies allow us to connect with potential customers more effectively and instantly. They do not only help with selling but also building competitive advantages.


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