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Sertis reveals its 2023 strategic plan to become an AI Engine

(March 2023) Sertis Co., Ltd. moves forward to drive the business as a consultant and technology solution provider to comprehensively serve the needs of each business client across different industry sectors. The company is proud to announce its new strategic plan for 2023, designed to help boost and elevate businesses in all industries to achieve sustainable growth through efficient digital transformation.

The success in the past year of the company, as well as the continued collaboration with leading companies in various business industries in Thailand, has efficiently enabled us to grow an impressive number of projects and services provided to our clients and partners that heavily reflects that artificial intelligence or AI technology and data are increasingly being recognized as the core engine by businesses across all sectors nowadays to drive and improve their business operations. Therefore, it presents many significant growth opportunities for Sertis to develop and grow this year and beyond.

Mr. Tuchakorn Vachiramon, CEO and Founder of Sertis Co., Ltd., revealed that as a leading technology solution provider and digital consultant company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and data services for diverse business industries, we are proud to share the company's strategic plan for 2023 as we position ourselves as an AI Engine or a core driving force that drives any businesses forward to achieve sustainable growth through efficient digital transformation by utilizing innovative AI and comprehensive data solutions. As part of this new strategy, the company has focused on six key business industries to provide comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of each business group, including:

AI Retail - AI solutions for retail businesses

With more than 8 years of experience providing services to leading retail businesses in Thailand, we have become highly specialized in delivering exceptional solutions to the retail industry. Our solutions and services cater to the deep customer data management, marketing, product selection that aligns with customer demands, and brand relationships that are essential for success in the retail business.

We offer tailored solutions that cater to specific customer requirements, such as Demand Forecasting, AI Ordering, AI Assortment, Data Commercialization, and other customization solutions that address customer needs and help develop their operations. This allows our customers to gain a competitive edge in the market and meet their customers' needs with accuracy.

AI Manufacturing - AI solutions for the manufacturing industry

We offer vital services to the manufacturing sector, which include Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry as well as other large-scale heavy industries. We place great importance on delivering services to this industry, particularly in the areas of production process control, product improvement and development, and supply chain management. These areas are crucial to the growth of businesses and are aided by the use of AI for comprehensive manufacturing industry management.

AI Banking & Finance - AI solutions for the banking and finance industry

This is a large business group with a trend of rapid and continuous growth, which aims to expand its services as it is a business group that uses a huge amount of data. Our services range from providing AI-powered credit approval platforms and other services that are the main axis of the banking and finance industry, to sentiment analysis that can effectively help manage the bank's workload.

AI Energy - AI solutions for the energy industry

This is another business group that we have been working with leading companies in Thailand continuously for many years. Based on the increasing trend of energy consumption at the national level, there has been a demand to use AI in various forms in the energy industry in order to save energy, generate energy from the environment and alternative sources, and respond to the net-zero emissions trend. AI is used in energy management and forecasting to improve safety and efficiency in energy transactions within the energy industry. This helps to create a sustainable environmental balance in the long run. Recently, we formed a joint venture company called RENEX Technology Co., Ltd., with the aim to develop and invest in a digital platform for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading, catering to industrial customers and other users of renewable energy-generated electricity using Two -Sided Bidding Algorithm utilized by blockchain technology.

AI Security - AI solutions for the security industry

The security industry is a business group that has great potential for expansion of services, as it is a technology in which the company has expertise and places great importance on both research and the development of more efficient technology throughout, both in the area of Computer Vision technology and intelligent surveillance cameras from AI, including services in the Digital ID verification system (NDID) and electronic Know-Your-Customer (E-KYC) verification, to help increase security in online transactions of various types. In the near future, we aim to expand our services to the field of cybersecurity worldwide, in order to help businesses create a safer digital environment and defend against digital threats.

AI Asset Management - AI solutions for asset management businesses

We are committed to expanding our services to this business group in order to help drive the business to achieve its goals and objectives in managing funds with the highest efficiency. With personnel who have expertise and knowledge in asset management and are capable of effectively using AI tools. Additionally, the company is a key driver in enhancing the capabilities of fund managers by utilizing AI tools in managing various types of funds, both domestic and international.

“With our new strategic plan this year that focuses on becoming an AI engine in driving the six key business industries, combined with the expertise of our personnel from various nationalities and business expertise in each industry of service, we are confident that it can carry out the business plan and expand our services to continuously meet the increasing needs of customers and help effectively drive their business growth,” said Mr. Tuchakorn.

From the successful business performance in the year 2022, it reaffirms the company's potential for business operations and its confidence that consultancy services, data management, and the development of advanced AI technology solutions tailored for each organization will continue to be in high demand and can continuously expand services both in Thailand and neighboring regions.

We consider it a vital mechanism that drives the business forward in the era of increasing competition in the technology-driven world, where all businesses have to adjust and improve their management process with the help of cutting-edge technology. It is one of the important indicators for businesses to maximize their growth potential and achieve their business goals as well as maintain a competitive advantage.


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