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Insights from Mr.Thuchakorn Vachiramon: Pioneering a Data and AI Startup with a Decade of Experience

For nearly a decade, organizations in Thailand have been leveraging data and AI to operate their businesses. The ‘Big Data’ trend has emerged and become well-known since  2016. Then, it brought forth novel and exciting terms such as ‘Data Science,’ ‘Data Transformation,’ ‘Blockchain,’ and ‘Multiverse.’ Today, we are firmly in the age of AI and witnessing its transformative potential.

Sertis has stood as one of the data and AI solution providers in Thailand, navigating the ever-changing landscape, trends, and buzzwords. Over the past decade, we have remained adaptable and consistently delivered services to clients across diverse industries.

After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge and gaining years of international experience, Mr.Tee Thuchakorn Vachiramon, CEO and Founder of Sertis developed a profound understanding of the importance of data and AI technologies and recognized their potential to create value for businesses, especially in Thailand where they were not actively adopting these technologies at that time.

Tee compared the business landscape 10 years ago to today’s, “Back then, 'AI' was not widely known or used as it is now. Initially, there was the emergence of 'Big Data,' referring to processing massive amounts of data, which slightly became a trend in large companies. However, at present, it is no longer hyped as it once was, as it has become a standard component incorporated into business operations.” 

With this vision, Tee decided to establish his own business in 2014, determined to leverage data and AI to empower organizations, not only in Thailand but also in neighboring countries.

“In the early stages, Sertis faced the challenge of developing understanding and building trust with clients. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to learning and development. We proved ourselves and gained acknowledgment as a leading data and AI solution provider by developing and delivering solutions that generated tangible benefits and results for our clients.”

Tee further elaborated on Sertis’ experiences that prove its potential and credibility, “We have extensive experiences in working and developing solutions for clients across diverse industries, including retail, manufacturing, and finance. We have had numerous achievements that we are proud of, including building large databases to organize and manage vast amounts of data for organizations, developing Generative AI tools to assist in customer service, as well as customizing AI-powered analytics solutions to enhance businesses.”

“Today, AI has gained significant traction in the business landscape, but not all companies have the capabilities to develop AI technologies on their own. Sertis recognizes this opportunity and positions itself as an AI expert, partnering with businesses to leverage AI to create value, and empower them to adopt the latest technologies, thereby adapting to the dynamic world,” Mr. Tee added.

The dedication and efforts of our talented personnel have been the key driving force behind all of our achievements over these 10 years. “We always prioritize the acquisition of talented people who share mutual vision, perspective, and beliefs regardless of gender, age, educational background, language, or nationality. Today, our workforce comprises over 120 professionals from various nationalities and fields of knowledge. This diversity enables us to collaborate and exchange knowledge from different viewpoints, which is crucial for continuous learning. Our  approach to employee training is similar to that of training AI models, which involves learning from experience, finding creative solutions to problems, analyzing reliable data for informed decision-making, and being open and adaptable to new situations to maintain quality and efficiency.”

Tee also shared his anticipation regarding the development of AI over the next 10 years, “AI technology will become more capable and prevalent, impacting not only businesses but also our daily lives, as we have witnessed with the emergence of Generative AI and Augmented Reality, which blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds, unlocking valuable opportunities for every business. As Sertis has been deeply engaged in AI development and AI transformation preparation, we foresee the inevitable rise of localized AI tools for Thai users, in terms of language, culture, and unique business landscape.”

Lastly, Tee shared his perspective on the collaborative development between AI and humans, “Sertis believes that AI technology will not replace humans because they cannot function completely without the supervision of human experts. Sertis will continue to focus on improving AI capabilities. However, most importantly, what we must do to prevent being replaced by these machines is to understand their capabilities and grow alongside them. This will enable us to creatively utilize and work alongside AI, as well as leveraging AI to expedite our tasks, enhance processes, and maximize efficiency.” 


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