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How Data and AI enhance business after Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world gave us a significant sign; to be aware and adapt to this rapid change we will encounter after the outbreak has ended. The way we live our lives, how we work, how the businesses run; everything has completely changed. This is the test to prove that we, as human beings will find the best way to cope with the sudden change to go on with life in the new situation. In this article, I will talk about how Data and AI can support businesses both during and post Covid-19 in the near future, so that we can make use of the technology in the new normal.

Even though the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected the business sector and the way we live in many ways, many had to close their businesses temporarily and some, permanently. Citizens are urged to keep their social distancing / physical distancing causing the change in customer behaviors. People have shifted themselves to more online activities, including e-entertainment, online shopping and food delivery.. People seem to spend longer hours online, everything linked seamlessly on online platforms.

Businesses have to adapt to this new challenge that has brought about the new practice we call “New Normal”. The way sellers used to sell their products or services will go completely digital, for example the delivery of products ordered from customers will be automated, more online channels for customers to access via their gadgets; such as websites, application and social media platforms, set up automated Chatbots to facilitate customers to reduce to workers’ tasks, as well as improve the infrastructure process in IT systems to be able to run effective selling and buying.

For those who can adapt to this drastic change very well, this is the right timing to learn from change and know how to collect data from customers’ insights as much as possible from previous and new customers. Some may point out new opportunities or some can improve their business from the right point after the crisis. Those businesses where they have to deal with big chunks of complicated data may have to consider implementing AI technology to enhance their business to meet their goals.

In the medical industry, There will be recordings of the search of health diagnosis online via search engines. A medical diagnosis technology application will be something people will use more, with the performance of Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology from AI that has already trained enough to diagnose the disease of the users. This is a new chance for the medical industry to step up from what has been done before, to turn data to value, and boost up medical services and hospitals in the long run.

The world’s sudden change has accelerated within the business sector to learn from, be aware to step forward to the big challenge they must overcome to survive in its business. Lastly, to know how and when to adapt and implement technology to make the most out of it,as some say, “Data is the new oil, and AI is the new electricity”.


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