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Build your own Startup with only Generative AI Tools

One of the technologies that created a buzz recently is generative AI, a type of AI that is capable of generating original content in the forms of text, images, or videos according to our input prompt. It is capable of performing creative works that were once believed to be limited to humans.

With its multitude of capabilities, it may not be impossible to utilize AI to build your own startup, using just generative AI tools to cover all team tasks.

In this article, Sertis would like to explore with you how we can build our own company using only generative AI tools.

Marketing team

Generative AI can elevate marketing strategies to the next level. With the ability to generate original personalized content for each target group, generative AI can act as a marketer in our startup. It can cover almost all marketing tasks ranging from crafting marketing messages, and providing personalized product and service recommendations, to designing marketing campaigns tailored to target groups. It enables companies to perform comprehensive marketing that truly boosts sales.

Interesting tools

ChatGPT can act as a superb marketer. All we need to do is to input orders or prompts into the system. ChatGPT can create high-quality, original content that attracts the target audiences. It is capable of creating various types of content, such as advertising messages, blog posts, copywriting, and more, that are tailored to specific target groups.

There are also other tools available such as, which covers the entire process of content creation, and, which can generate optimized content and captions for each marketing channel.

Customer support team

The customer support team is responsible for taking care of customers and answering their questions. To achieve this task, we can use generative AI to create automatic responses and act as a virtual assistant through chatbots, allowing the company to respond to customer queries promptly and efficiently. Besides, generative AI can learn from customer reactions to craft personalized answers that convey a sense of human touch to customers. It can increase customer satisfaction and enable the company to provide comprehensive customer care with lower costs, which is one of the most important factors a startup should consider.

Interesting tools

Quiq is a conversational AI that can engage in personalized conversations with customers. It analyzes customer behaviors and data to generate the most appropriate responses with resolution rates around 80 percent. is a tool that enables easy chatbot development for companies. Simply copy and paste your company's website link or document files containing information about your products and services, and will build a chatbot that is ready to answer all questions and promptly respond to your customers' needs.

Product development team

By leveraging the power of generative AI, we can design product concepts, develop prototypes, and enhance existing products. Additionally, generative AI can help create trending packaging designs. Besides, in the software development process, generative AI can streamline the development process and reduce employee workload by generating code snippets.

Interesting tools

Commerce.AI uses AI to analyze customer feedback and develop new products or find solutions that meet their needs. With Commerce.AI, companies can take new product ideas from the initial concept phase to the final product. The platform can also help to improve existing products and create result-oriented strategies.

Personal assistants

A startup can struggle to succeed if their CEO has to spend valuable time on routine tasks, rather than generating new ideas to improve the business. Generative AI can function as a personal assistant, helping CEOs with tasks like creating reports, managing emails, and entering data. It can free up the CEO's time for more value-added and transformative work.

Interesting tools

Canary Mail is an email automation tool that automates email writing based on input prompts and receiver information. Another platform that uses generative AI to automate routine tasks is Moveworks, which is designed to streamline work processes using natural language understanding like ChatGPT's. Moveworks can help employees resolve IT issues, find information in databases, and manage coordination between teams.

Legal team

Generative AI can be used for legal tasks, such as checking legal documents, contracts, and information, to ensure that all business actions are lawful and comply with contractual obligations. By leveraging generative AI, legal decisions can be made faster, resulting in cost savings for the business.

Interesting tools

dSilo is a platform that helps businesses analyze legal documents, such as contracts, tax invoices, and purchase orders, to ensure the accuracy and detect costly mistakes, such as incorrect discounts or tax deductions. By using dSilo, businesses can ensure that all actions comply with contractual obligations and avoid legal errors later on.

Do you see how talented generative AI can be? It has the potential to be applied to a wide range of tools beyond just ChatGPT and can function as various teams to work for an entire company.

These tools can be particularly helpful for a startup in its initial formation phase, as they can help lower the costs and facilitate efficient operations despite having few employees. For medium and large companies, these tools can speed up the operations, reduce time and resources, and add more value to the business.

If we invest in learning how to effectively utilize AI while upskilling ourselves to keep pace with the advancements, we can leverage AI to fuel our growth toward greater success.

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