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At Sertis, we leverage AI, Big Data, business insight, and innovations to transform your business, provide an end-to-end service to help you implement various AI, data analytics, data science, and data engineering solutions.


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Data Analytics


Work with you to design and execute projects that fit your objective

Data Science


Leverage your data to drive the growth of your company

Custom AI Development

Develop best in class customised AI solutions

to meet your business goals



Design and build custom blockchain applications to your business


Machine Learning

AI-powered systems learning from the massive amounts of data to find patterns and process the accurate prediction and statistical-based decision making by themselves

Deep Learning

Type of machine learning containing multi-layered neural networks which imitates human brains and can perform human-like and complex tasks without human supervision


The decentralised database that stored as several blocked chained together and locked by cryptography making it unable to be modified or hacked


The technologies that collect, store, analyse, and process data concerning geographic, such as Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS)

Computer Vision

AI that trains computers to replicate human vision system to be able to see, identify, and react to objects in images and videos the way human do

Face Recognition

Biometric technology that identifies and verifies individuals’ identities by detecting faces in images, videos, and cameras, analysing collected data, and finding a match in a database.

License Plate Recognition

Video analytics technology that can detect cars’ license plates, capture the license plate numbers, and compare them to stored data for gate access control


The digitalised and electronic process of KYC that helps identify and verify customers remotely and paperlessly to cut costs and prevent falsification of identity and signature

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI that trains computers to understand and interpret human languages to build systems that can interact and communicate with humans and perform other linguistic tasks

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The technology that process conversion of handwritten, typed, or printed text in images, as scanned documents, photos of text, or text in scene photos, into machine-readable text data


A virtual assistant which conduct online conversation through messaging platforms by simulating human natural language to give the impression as if chatting with a real human

Voice Recognition

The device that receives, decodes, and interacts with a human voice and spoken commands to perform and operate accordingly without having to touch a keyboard or press any buttons



CPF has collaborated with Sertis to develop technology for farm management. We believe that Sertis can use their expertise to further develop an intelligent management system that reduces potential problems on the farm.


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