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Sertis, Representing the Digital Industry, Participated in a Panel Discussion on 'Workforce Development' at the 'THAILAND TALENT LANDSCAPE 2025-2029' Event.

Tee Vachiramon, CEO & Founder of Sertis, was honored with an invitation to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of “Future-Proof Skills for Workforce Development,” as a representative from the digital industry. The panel discussion took place at the 'THAILAND TALENT LANDSCAPE 2025-2029 Operation Result Announcement' event, hosted by NXPO and Iris Consulting at Victor Club, Mitrtown Office Tower. 

During the session, he shared his perspectives and expertise, participating in discussions with representatives from other industries, including food processing and future food, medical and comprehensive healthcare, and creative economy, to discuss opportunities, challenges, and the essential skills required for future talent preparation. The audience comprised government, private, media, and education sectors who shared a mutual objective to leverage knowledge and perspectives from the result announcement and panel discussion sessions to achieve national holistic workforce development.

Sertis would like to express gratitude to NXPO and Iris Consulting for this valuable opportunity to share our insights and explore innovative perspectives. Furthermore, we wish to express appreciation to the organizing team which ensured the success of this event as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, ultimately fostering robust business growth across industries and benefiting the nation as a whole.


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