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Top 10 AI Tools to Elevate Your Workflow in 2024

Currently, AI technology has gained significant traction, and its influence has expanded across business sectors. This technology plays a primary role in learning from, analyzing, and summarizing data. Notably, Generative AI, such as ChatGPT and Gemini, has become highly popular and widely used in the past year because of its advantages in reducing workload and improving work efficiency. Also, this technology is designed to be easily accessed through a chatbot interface that can simulate natural human conversation.

Sertis has compiled these 10 AI tools that are as interesting and competent as ChatGPT and Gemini to help you maximize work efficiency and productivity in 2024. 

  1. Notion: Notion offers AI-powered features to automate note-taking, categorize keywords, plan timelines, and assist with coding. Notion can generate specific information by training its AI with relevant data, making its work more reliable.

  1. Jasper: Jasper can be utilized to craft unique and attention-grabbing articles. Jasper provides a plagiarism detection feature, as well as other user-friendly features, including proofreading, translating, targeting tone and wording for specific audiences. Moreover, it offers over 50 customizable templates.

  1. Clockwise: Clockwise is an AI-powered time management assistant that helps you achieve productivity and a healthy lifestyle by tracking time, analyzing data, and providing automatic recommendations on time management. Also, Clockwise offers a meal reminder feature for fulfilling health while maximizing productivity.

  1. Sanebox: Sanebox is an AI-powered data storage tool for email management. Sanebox utilizes AI to manage your inbox, automatically notify you of new emails, categorize them, and clean out obsolete emails.

  1. Airgram: Airgram, an AI meeting assistant, automates note-taking during the meeting, making it easier to generate and summarize meeting minutes. It seamlessly integrates with various video conferencing software, including Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

  1. Descript: Descript is an AI tool designed for production crews. It automatically transcribes audio using AI and seamlessly integrates words of phrases to the video to enhance its flow. 

  1. Design.AI: Design.AI elevates your presentation effortlessly with just a few steps. Simply input your information and customize your templates, backgrounds, shapes, text style, etc.

  1. DALL·E 2: DALL·E 2 is an AI-powered image generator. Simply input your description into the automated image generation engine to get original, realistic images tailored to your description.

  1. Genei: Genei AI is designed to serve as a researcher's assistant. It adeptly summarizes complex information in research papers with precision and reliability, enhancing efficiency while saving time and resources. 

  1. Spline AI: Spline AI enables real-time creation of 3D models and animation, offering features including camera control, layer separation, and support for various export formats, resulting in more streamlined workflow. 

Sertis is a leading data and AI solutions provider offering consultation for businesses aiming to leverage AI to enhance their operations and prepare for the transformative AI era.  

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