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Awesome Careers in AI: A must-read for those who want to get a job in AI

Intelligent technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more influential in the world of work. Let's take a look at what jobs have been involved and working directly with AI ​​technology, also known as the technology of the future. Anyone who wants to work with AI should not miss this article.

In this article, Sertis put together the highly-demanding, future careers that will grow with AI. For anyone who wants to create a new career path, work in the field of technology, and cultivate the intelligence of AI, the following careers might be interesting choices.

These jobs also help to disprove the myth that AI will replace humans and reduce opportunities in the human labor market, because these occupations show that, in fact, jobs that require humans to work alongside AI and develop new AI systems are still and will still be in demand. Furthermore, it highlights the fact that people and AI can develop together equally. If you're ready, let's continue reading.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a job that works mainly with data and AI models. In other words, the core responsibility of a data scientist is to analyze data, draw conclusions, and build AI tools such as machine learning models that automate data analytics to gain insights or make a prediction to improve business decision makings.

A data scientist's main role includes working with AI to build self-running models to perform data analytics. The tasks are varied from building models that detect patterns and trends or anomalies or predicting future outcomes. Data scientists often work with machine learning engineers in the way that they build a model for machine learning engineers to develop into ready-to-use software.

For anyone who wants to become a data scientist, basic knowledge in statistics, mathematics, and data science are required, as well as business acumen, in order to be able to find answers or business insights that serve the needs.

AI Researcher

The AI ​​researcher position is another answer for people with a passion for AI technology. You will have the opportunity to study, explore, and experiment with new AI methods or approaches. You can set up new problems to find the desired answers through research and experiments with AI, including finding ways to create new algorithms or models to apply in various projects and finding ways to improve existing AI technologies. It is a dream job for many people who are fascinated by the capabilities of AI.

The skill an AI researcher must have is an understanding of various types of AI, from deep learning or neural networks to natural language processing. They need to explore and keep up with the advancements in the AI ​​field to be able to find the best technologies to apply to their projects.

In addition, the basic knowledge that an AI Researcher must have includes basic knowledge in statistics, data science, and computer science to understand the basics of all types of AI and how they work.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that can learn things by itself and run algorithms to analyze historical data and forecast future outcomes. The main responsibility of a machine learning engineer is to build a self-learning model that can learn automatically and provide the designated outcomes.

Machine learning engineers work mainly with AI with a variety of responsibilities. They range from selecting algorithms and building a self-running model, working with data scientists to build software or APIs that include a machine learning model already developed by the data science team to make the application ready for end users, to making the machine learning scalable and applicable to the real-world large datasets.

A machine learning engineer is a dream job for those who have backgrounds in data science and software engineering. The job needs a combination of both programming and the understanding of AI and models in order to be able to construct AI-based software or production-level machine learning.

Natural Language Processing Engineer

A natural language processing engineer is an engineer who works specifically with natural language processing (NLP), a branch of AI that has the ability to comprehend human languages, both spoken and written, and communicate naturally.

The NLP Engineer's job is to build this type of AI system to be able to use it for the desired goals. For example, building voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, a speech recognition system to convert speech into text messages, or a chatbot that interacts with users and simulates humans in a conversation.

The NLP engineer will be responsible for designing algorithms, building NLP systems, and training models to understand our natural language and deliver desired interaction or results. The background knowledge required to become an NLP Engineer includes statistics and mathematics, the ability to extract semantic, linguistic, and sentimental information from sentences, and the knowledge of computer science as well.

Data & Technology Consultant

Data & technology consultants will provide clients with advice on the selection and implementation of various technologies, from data technologies, such as cloud systems, data lake systems, or data infrastructures. Data & technology consultants help clients plan the implementation of a system, and draw insights from data or automate tasks using AI or machine learning models.

Data & technology consultants act as an intermediary between the clients and the organization's technical team. They work closely with clients to understand the needs or problems that they are facing, analyze clients' needs and situations, and recommend data or AI solutions that serve their demands. The tasks include communicating with the technical team to design solutions that best meet the needs of clients. Therefore, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of various technologies, both in the field of data and AI, computer science, and business acumen, in order to understand both the business problems and the nature and functions of technologies to be able to suggest the appropriate technology.

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