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AI Trends to Watch in 2022

Throughout 2021, we have witnessed a lot of amazing technologies, for example, Metaverse or technologies that we have built urgently to get us through the pandemic as AI that accommodates working from home or AI diagnosing the Covid-19. I believe that in 2022, we will get a chance to see a lot of breakthroughs as well. In this article, I would like to take you through key trends that will push the boundaries in 2022. The first trend to watch is AI in Metaverse, our brand new world. AI and machine learning play critical roles in creating the most realistic Metaverse. In reality, our life is full of stories and content. We need that to create a rich and human-like virtual world and this responsibility falls on AI. AI's task is to process colossal behavioural data from people in Metaverse to generate personalised stories and experiences for individuals, for example, creating games, objects, environment, and advertisements. These things will be presented to us based on individual preferences and behaviours. Even during our activities in Metaverse such as shopping or getting some services, AI may be needed as virtual shop assistants in the form of an avatar. AI will analyse the conversation and respond as naturally as possible. Quantum Machine Learning is another breakthrough to expect. With the development of quantum computing based on quantum theory that focuses on sub-atomic behaviour, computers will possess an enormously faster processing speed. Quantum machine learning is quantum-enhanced machine learning. We all know that the present machine learning already has a groundbreaking potential and owns the ability to process a huge amount of data in a short amount of time, but with quantum, it will be much faster, and it will provide solutions to even more complex problems with complicated data with higher speed. Quantum will be an accelerator for every type of machine learning model and it will surely benefit every industry that uses machine learning, leading to a mass development that is worth watching. The last trend we would like to mention is creative AI. Many innovations have proved to us that AI is capable of generating creations such as novels, songs, or video games. In 2022, we will get a chance to see AI with seemingly more natural creativity which is output from its ability and imagination. Furthermore, we will see these creations being applied to routine tasks that are more than just a showcase, for example, designing logos, writing headlines, or creating infographics. These are just a few examples of upcoming trends that we are likely to witness in 2022. There are many more to watch out for, for instance, AI for remote work, Hyperautomation AI for scaling automation in organisations, and low-code and no-code AI that overcome the programming language barrier and allow us to create programming without the knowledge of coding. I truly believe that 2022 will be the next big and exciting year for AI and technologies.

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