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"AI Research" The science of improvement

Over the years, Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town. Many organizations are aware and apply this to the level of the organization to be effective and to keep up in the digital world. Data has become an important factor in marketing planning. As well as applying AI, it can enhance a variety of business capabilities. Study and research about AI is therefore something that organizations around the world pay attention to, so AI Research continues to develop AI to have more potential and be able to solve difficult or complex problems, as well as create concepts for the development or improvement of new algorithms, in order to meet different business needs efficiently.

AI Research is not very prevalent in Thai society. But across the globe, big companies like Facebook, Google, and Intel have been doing research for a while. The objective is to improve the efficiency of AI to be comparable to or closer to humans, both in logical thinking, planning and problem solving. Including the ability to learn from experiences. The AI ​​research of these organizations is not just looking to enhance products and services for customers or users only, but also developing AI in other areas to upgrade the potential of AI technology for society as a whole. The research model will vary according to the business model of each organization.

AI Research entails research and experimentation information about AI technology to find ideas, new methods, and to get results that are most suitable for a business problem or problem that needs to be solved. Although the pattern of the problem you see may look similar, in reality, if you look into the details it’s usually not the same. Therefore, solving problems with the same format may not be as effective as creating a new and appropriate approach that is the exact solution to the problem.

As I said above, AI technology is continuously improving. It is therefore certain that this line of work will become more popular in the future as the rapid changes of the era. Therefore, for those interested in AI research or wanting to become an AI researcher, they should have the main qualifications of being a curious person. Like asking questions, researching, solving various problems, and systematic thinking as well as having maths and coding skills are absolutely essential for this career.

Not only mathematical skills, being an AI researcher should be creative too. Because ideas need to be created to develop new algorithms or models for the AI, some of which may have never been mentioned before. Therefore requires AI imagination and creativity to create new innovations.

Another thing that is important to every career related to AI (including AI researchers) is that they should have virtue and ethics in their profession. To develop AI in the right direction we must reduce bias and benefit society as a whole.

AI Research not only improves the capabilities of the technology, but also research on AI is considered to increase the country's technological capability. Therefore, AI research work should be supported. Which may give grants to technology organizations to create the AI ​​Research Division, in order to focus on searching for information and developing AI technology to be more efficient and can be used to solve problems for each country. In addition, the research data can also be used as Open Data for others. Those who are interested can study research and use information that will be beneficial, which will create a learning environment and sustainable social development.


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