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4 Career Opportunities in AI-driven World

As you know, AI plays a vital role in every business industry, including manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, education, etc. Nowadays, there are many new career opportunities that are related to AI technology. As a result, many organizations try to find the best people who are suitable and have the potential to work effectively with other employees within the company culture. In this article, I would like to talk about new career opportunities in the age of AI, as well as the skills needed if you consider landing a job in the technology industry.

1. AI Research Scientist is responsible for research and experimentation of advanced technology in order to develop existing AI models more effectively, which will be used to help with any business problems and requirements in various situations. So, the required technical skills include machine learning, mathematics, programming, and statistics.

2. Data Scientist analyzes the data to find the results. Their tasks include but are not limited to creating models, including machine learning models, that can analyze data automatically and provide actionable insights and predictions that can be used for any business strategy, and detecting the models to find errors in the data set. The data scientists work together with machine learning engineers, who further develop that model into software. Therefore, data scientists must have statistics, mathematics, and data science skills, as well as a sense of business understanding, as this will enable them to discover some insights more quickly and effectively.

3. Machine Learning Engineer is a professional who creates software or APIs which consist of machine learning models designed by the data scientists. They are responsible for developing ready-to-use and scalable models. This job best suits someone with a background in data science, software engineering, programming, as well as AI and modeling.

4. Cyber Law Expert is one of the most significant professions nowadays. With technology advancement in every business industry, the number of cybercrimes has increased at the same time. Cyber law experts can collaborate with the AI team to create a new model that is capable of detecting any cybercrime in the organization. Therefore, this position requires expertise in various fields in cyberlaw and regulations, as well as soft skills including communication, negotiation, and critical thinking. It will be a plus if you have in-depth technical knowledge and the ability to keep up with changes which will help you deal with cybercrime in all its forms.

From the example of careers and basic skills that I mentioned above, in addition to the basic skills and knowledge ones should have, there is one important thing that I always emphasize, which is to “never stop learning”. Especially in a technology-driven world, there is always new technology to update. Therefore, continuous learning is the key, as well as soft skills including communication, teamwork spirit, critical thinking, and negotiation skills, so that you can work well with people both internally and externally. Last but not least, for business owners, I would like to suggest that there will be many new careers in the near future. In terms of business owners, they need to understand and adapt to new changes and job roles, especially for organizations that are starting to benefit from AI and data, in order for the business to continue its operations smoothly.


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