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What is Data Visualization? Definition, Benefits, and Best Examples

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is a graphical representation of data, using visual elements such as graphs, charts, or tables. Visualizing amplifies trends, patterns, and outliers, to improve understanding and give a clearer picture than textual data. It strongly conveys the key messages without wasting time going through all textual and numeric data.

Dating back to the era of early humans when we hadn't evolved and invented spoken and written language, consonants, and vowels, we used to communicate through drawing or painting. One of our oldest forms of communication is visual communication and thinking, which still uphold their power and efficiency until the present.

Data Visualization leverages the power of visual communication and thinking because sometimes long textual and numeric data cause confusion and misinterpretation of the key message. Visualization provides a clearer picture, keeps viewers' attention, and accentuates the key message, with no need to search through the long texts.

The key message we get from the visualization is an insight that enables informed decision-making. For instance, the graphical data of sales increase and decrease and its causation shown in dual-existing charts enable the business to plan and execute the right strategy. Data visualization is necessary for the data analytics process for conveying the insight accurately, understandably, and practically.

For more tips on how to create an effective data visualization, click here

Benefits of Data Visualization

  1. Accentuating a key message that might be distracted in a form of numeric data. Data visualization allows highlighting and summarizing the story data intend to tell.

  2. Visualize trends and patterns e.g., increase or decrease using a line chart or bar chart to visualize the connections between data

  3. Tracking performance and goals using a pie chart to measure and track sales goals

  4. Connecting data from various sources by, for example, comparing the number of visitors and engaged users from various social media channels, email marketing, and ads together.

  5. Calculating metrics to see the big picture such as calculating average views on each channel and the email click-through rate compared to the number of emails sent

  6. Simplifying the complex relationship between data that is hard to see in a plain number or text by using interactive charts to portray lines of connections

Great examples of Data Visualization and its power

In recent years, there are numerous data visualizations that have been impressively creative and have amazed people by demonstrating that data visualization is much more fun and different and can significantly improve communication and comprehension. Let's go through these examples.

Apple's Value Hit $1 Trillion by New York Times

When we talk about $1 trillion, it may seem huge, but we might not be sure how huge it is. The New York Times gives us a clearer picture by creating an interactive data visualization that compares the total value of companies in each industry with Apple's value to show how huge it is. We can choose to compare Apple to companies in various industries such as aviation media and technology. In this picture, we visualize the comparison of the total value of American automotive companies and Apple's in a form of a pit of $1 trillion and each piece of company whose sizes depend on the value filled in the pit. All those companies' value combined is just $964,000 which is still less than Apple. Here we see clearly how huge Apple is.

The History of Pandemics

The History of Pandemics, by Nicholas LePan, gathers records of pandemics that have ever occurred in human history sorted by year and including death toll, with the sizes of the symbols representing each pandemic depending on the death toll. Only the death toll might not give us a clear picture of how severe each pandemic was, but when it is visualized, we know how much damage and loss it caused and which is the most brutal killer.

The U.S. Election Twitter Network Graph Tool

This is a network graph of the U.S. politicians participating in the U.S. 202 election, the Twitter account they interact with, such as mentions or replies, and how those accounts influence or connect with the accounts that are the supporter of each presidential candidate. This is to analyze the influence of various political figures and how it affects the process of the election. It is a live, updated, and interactive network graph for real-time information.

Do you see how data visualization benefits comprehension and communication? It is one of the most effective ways of communication and presentation.

Data Visualization services from Sertis

Have you ever thought about how helpful it is if your organization has a ground-breaking, live, and updating data visualization tool that effectively communicates your message through visual elements? How good is it to the company?

At Sertis, we provide a data visualization service, using Power BI, one of the most versatile and agile AI-powered visualization tools, to connect data from sources, and turn them into feasible graphs and charts. The visualization is presented in an updated, synchronized dashboard accessible throughout the organization from anywhere at any time. Find the insight that answers your business question and facilitate informed decisions 24/7.

1. Data infrastructure and warehouse

We set up a robust data infrastructure from scratch by building a unified, automated system of data mapping, governing, assessing, integrating, and quality controlling, with the data warehouse as a centerpiece where every element is kept in place.

2. Business intelligence analysis

We translate your business requirements to our technical requirements. And with powerful AI-powered BI tools, we make data queries, aggregate data, analyze data to uncover a hidden answer, and deliver actionable insight to help our clients draw informed business conclusions.

3. PowerBI consulting

We provide expert guidance and consultation from our certified PowerBI consultants with years of experience in PowerBI implementation for various retailers in Asia.

4. Dashboard design and development

We design and develop a real-time visualized interactive dashboard with standardized reports and features that maximize usability. The synchronized dashboard allows stakeholders to get a broad view of data and simplifies operation and planning across organizations.

Learn more about Sertis data visualization solutions:


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