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The Rise of Generative BI: Elevating Business Intelligence

Generative BI is a cutting-edge innovation that combines Generative AI with Business Intelligence tools, emerging as a powerful asset that elevates business operations to new heights.

Business Intelligence involves leveraging data to drive business decisions, continuously evolving alongside technological advancements. Today, these advancements enable us to develop BI tools capable of processing vast amounts of data and presenting insights through interactive dashboards.

Furthermore, Generative AI has amplified the capabilities of BI tools by equipping them with the ability to understand, respond, and generate content using natural language, thereby enhancing the tools to unprecedented levels.

In this article, Sertis aims to introduce you to Generative BI, a rising innovation that every business must adopt.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the data-driven approach to making informed business decisions and optimizing operations. It encompasses strategic planning, operations, technologies, and tools, all of which are driven by data. BI processes typically involve data collection, analysis, and transformation, to easily understandable visualizations.

However, traditional BI tools have significant limitations. Extracting desired insights from data often relies heavily on human expertise. Tasks such as data ingestion and querying involve complex and manual steps, while visualizations and data analysis also typically require substantial input from human experts.

Generative BI: Integrating Generative AI with Business Intelligence

Generative BI marks a new era in Business Intelligence by incorporating the capabilities of Generative AI to comprehend and interact using natural language. This synergy enables Generative BI to respond to queries, conduct information searches, analyze complex data, and extract actionable insights—all through simple natural language commands. This user-friendly approach accommodates non-technical users, streamlines tasks, and enhances overall efficiency.

What are the cutting-edge abilities of Generative BI?

● Proactive Working Approach: Unlike traditional BI systems that rely on humans to create customized queries, Generative BI can autonomously generate optimal questions based on data analysis and produce desired analysis results. This proactive approach leads to deeper insights and significant time savings.

● Automated Insight Generation: Generative BI has the capability to automate insight generation without requiring human analysis skills. Users can simply command the system to obtain the desired results.

● Natural Language Interaction: By integrating Generative AI capabilities into BI tools, Generative BI allows for natural language understanding. This user-friendly feature enables ease of use through simple commands, eliminating the need for complicated tools or SQL queries.

● Increased Data Accessibility: Generative BI enhances data accessibility due to its ease of use. All teams can access the required data at any time, promoting data-driven decision-making and maximizing organizational efficiency.

● Easily Understandable and Engaging Data: Leveraging its unique content generation capabilities, Generative BI can analyze and present data in an easily understandable and engaging manner. This facilitates quicker comprehension of complex data and enables data storytelling tailored to each audience, meeting the personalized needs of users and businesses.

Advantages of Generative BI for Every Business

● Maximized Efficiency: Generative BI streamlines data analysis, enhances accuracy, and saves time and resources, ultimately maximizing operational efficiency.

● Increased Accuracy: Generative BI enables improved data accessibility and utilizes data to make more precise decisions, thereby increasing overall accuracy in business operations.

● Enhanced Communication: By transforming complex data into easily understandable visualizations, Generative BI facilitates seamless and transparent communication between teams. These visualizations are readily available for presentation at all times, fostering effective communication.

● Cost Reduction: Leveraging Generative BI to automate data analytics helps in reducing both time and overall costs associated with manual data analysis processes, contributing to cost savings for the business.

Sertis is a leading AI and data solution provider, offering customized Generative BI solutions tailored to unique business needs, as well as a range of other AI solutions designed to propel your business into the next era of technology successfully.

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