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The benefits of integrating AI with Cybersecurity

Stepping into the digital technology era exposes everyone to new opportunities especially for business as well as our lives. At the same time, when everything is embraced by advanced technology, the impact of it is associated with a great potential of getting cyberattacks, and it puts everyone in high risk to get attacked anytime and anywhere for both organizations and individuals. Moreover, the increasing numbers of technological gadget adoption nowadays, that they become everyone’s everyday essentials has also speeded up the levels of threat in a certain way. In this article, I will walk you through the use of AI and its benefits in cybersecurity to equip every business industry to guard themselves against any kind of cyber attacks in the most efficient way.

The growing numbers of digital tools, services, and cloud storage usage increases the risk for the organizations to get any kind of cyber attacks, which have now become more complex and continue to be a significant concern for the organizations. The organizations can easily suffer from the loss of sensitive information and data breach from hackers breaking into the systems, leading to the loss of financial and reputation as a whole.

In this era, AI has been used to drive almost every business in any industry, in which it also has immense potential in cybersecurity to protect and prevent the organizations from cybersecurity threats. If integrated correctly and precisely, AI can be trained to perform the most incredible actions for the benefits of the organizations including 1) Identify suspicious activity, by monitoring user activities and identifying behavioral anomalies internally and externally, some of which might have malicious intent. AI will temporarily block the user's account and alert the IT Systems Administrator promptly to take further action. 2) Analyze a network through automation, by using lots of statistical data to estimate the likelihood of the threat occurring and automatically respond to the intrusion of that network. 3) Identify and protect against Virus and Malware, by using an algorithm to detect new types of virus and malware and prevent them before they cause massive damage to the network. And 4) Detect Ransomware, as many organizations were the main targets for this advanced attack, a self-learning AI will help detect ransomware and stop the threats by blocking sender’s email or potential hackers as well as the attached links or instantly turning malicious attachments into safe files.

These are the abilities of AI in cybersecurity to help assess potential threats and analyze the system in depth to help organizations tackling vulnerabilities that are dangerous for theft. Moreover, AI has many advantages over humans; it has the ability to learn and develop endlessly, and can be used to handle larger and more complex tasks as well as repetitive tasks faster than humans without getting tired or bored. AI systems are unbound by human limitations, never get tired and are not biased.

However, cybersecurity starts when the organizations bring up the culture of cybersecurity to their employees and prioritize it. Everyone in the organization, regardless of level of responsibility, department or their job function, need to be aware and truly understand the vital importance of cybersecurity in their organization. Whenever the organizations lose sight of cybersecurity, it allows the data and information to be easily attacked by unknown cyberthreats, causing a big loss to the organizations sooner or later.


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