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Sertis x Google Host an AI and Data Solutions Workshop by Google Cloud Platform for Businesses

Sertis Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Kittisuk Panyajirakul, Director of Business Development, in collaboration with the Data Science team, and Mr. Somkiat Kraikriangsri, Data Analytics Sales Lead at Google Thailand, hosted ‘The Power of AI Demand Forecasting’ workshop. The event showcased the capabilities of advanced AI and data technology solutions powered by the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goal was to enhance participants’ understanding of these technology solutions and encourage them to consider adopting them in their businesses.

Sertis, as a consulting company providing custom AI and data solutions, recognizes the potential of AI personalization and data customization to meet our clients’ business requirements. Together with the power of the Google Cloud Platform, we can develop technology solutions that serve as AI engines for various businesses, including retail, energy, banking, finance, and e-commerce. During the workshop session, the Business Development team and Data Science team from Sertis presented potential solutions in various areas, such as demand forecasting, optimizing order accuracy, assortment optimization based on market trends, AI-powered location hunting, and case studies of successful implementations in global businesses. Additionally, the Data Science team conducted a demo session and engaged in discussions with participants on other interesting issues. The aim was to help participants understand the working process and encourage them to consider leveraging technology for their own businesses.

Google Thailand is a significant partner that we trust and rely on, particularly for their Google Cloud Platform services. We believe that utilizing these services bolsters our development, enabling us to provide the best solutions to our clients and to progress efficiently.

This workshop will be organized consecutively for business representatives from across various business industries who are interested in starting to adopt AI and data technologies within their organizations. The workshop will cover areas such as workflow processes, marketing planning, and strategic business decisions, with the aim of addressing business challenges in line with long-term plans, maintaining market competitiveness, and achieving growth in the digital transformation era.


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