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Sertis Joins SCBX AI Expo 2024, Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Innovations as SCBX’s Partner

The "SCBX AI Expo 2024" event on June 11th has successfully concluded. It was an honor for Sertis to be part of this immersive event as one of SCBX's partners. During the expo, Sertis showcased diverse AI-powered solutions to visitors and exchanged knowledge and updates on innovative projects with other partners who share our passion and determination to utilize AI for driving business growth across industries.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to the visitors who showed interest in our solutions and our company, as well as to SCBX for hosting such a beneficial event. We truly hope this opens the door to potential collaborations that drive the AI field forward and that our solutions will contribute to the growth of all sectors in the nation, fostering strong development alongside AI advancements.

Learn more about Sertis and our solutions at:


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