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How Computer Vision and AR lead to the Safe and Smart City

Due to the worldwide spread of Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the global economy and society crisis, there are a lot of citizen’s security issues in life and property all over the world. We are also familiar with daily news reports about the increasing number of criminals and accidents that take place in daily life. Considering the smart city policy that many countries around the world have tried to build and drive by using the advanced technology, apart from the business purpose of using the smart technologies, we should also consider using them to make their way in citizens' life in terms of security and the quality of life. First technology that you might consider using is Computer Vision. We should enhance and support every industry to use this advancement which involves face detection and face recognition to restrict people in some areas which can be used in residence, office space, etc. by setting it up with the access control system. In emergency cases, the security guard can track and find data records to find the suspected person as fast as they can. Computer Vision is also used to detect suspicious objects, suspicious persons, and weapons in the crowd or public areas. With the accuracy of AI, the system will notify security staff and related departments to plan and handle the urgent situations. Another interesting example, Facial Recognition, this technology is used for tracking down the prison fugitives and missing persons based on the prison records, social media data, news, missing person announcement, etc., as the more data you have, the more accurate the algorithm is. Augmented Reality or AR is also used to enhance the safety of citizen lives. According to the FBI report, since 2015-2020, around 9 policemen were accidentally shot dead due to unintentional firearm-related incidents. Therefore, the US army has developed the night vision goggles by using AR together with infrared technology to improve the night vision during the bad weather which can also accurately identify who are policemen, soldiers, people, or criminals. Head Up Display or HUD is popular to use for patrol cars. This technology uses a GPS system to show the shortest routing for a rapid response of life threatening situations. It also enhances driving safety that the policemen can trust the data and mainly focus on their task without having to worry about the routing or accidents. As you know, technology plays a vital role in every business aspect. It can be even more beneficial to everyone and every single organization to consider adopting advanced technology to build a smart security system. Technology also helps the security staff to work more efficiently and anticipate the criminal situation in advance. Just imagine that every organization has already adopted technology for their business, it will be the strongest fundamental to build up a smart city in the near future.


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