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A journey to Digital Transformation for business in 2021

Starting the year 2021 with the new wave of Covid-19 pandemic, many enterprises had to shift their work mode to remote working again. This time, they were quicker to adapt to change as they are familiar with the previous pandemic the previous year. In terms of business, there is still the challenge in each industry to adapt technologies utilizing work processes to cope with the competing market. Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 has brought us much closer to a digital working world. According to the statistics from IDC, it stated that by the year 2025, over 90% of enterprises will apply AI to develop applications to use in 2021 and Gartner claimed that 42% of CEOs will start using technology in the workplace. The statistical data verifies that it is the right time to shape the workplace into the digital transformation world.

Automation is recommended to be the first technology that should be implemented in the organization. Mckinsey states that adopting automation will scale productivity to complete repetitive tasks so that employees will have more time to spend with other tasks that require human skills. Automation includes Face recognition systems, Digital Document management systems, and HR management systems. In the long run, investing in automation will help an organization to simplify tasks with saving costs and becoming more efficient in work management.

Open API Ecosystem plays an important role in Ecommerce platforms, as customers nowadays shift to online shopping. We might be familiar with airline applications that collaborate with online travel agencies for hotels where customers can complete their trips within one application, without having to switch to other applications. This year we will see more collaborations from many companies to provide more diverse products and services to expand the customer base and create more competitiveness in businesses.

Data Analytics remains the main part of digital transformation. The accuracy and large amount of data will lead to the use for developing technology in accordance to the challenge the company is looking for. Apart from that, the technology will give you a business advantage through analysis and business strategic planning, to create the best experience for customers in terms of products and services that exceed their expectations in a cost-efficiency measure. If your business hasn't thought of starting to collect data, you should consider starting it now.

Cloud computing - many small and big companies are using cloud services to store their data to easily access their data anytime and anywhere through the internet. Cloud Identity helps manage users and groups who can access data, giving it extra secure storage and access to data.

This year, 5G network and IoT solutions will enable new levels of ultra-reliability. Everything will seamlessly connect through the 5G internet network, as it will be an important fundamental structure to serve all kinds of services through internet connection for stability and speed.

Based on the survey results from IDG, which claimed that 89% of the business sector have already adopted these technologies to be used in their companies. Meaning, we are now entering the AI era and I agree, it’s time for us to start the transformation journey to head to success.


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