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Sertis Partners with US Cloud Service Provider Pax8 to Develop AI Solutions

April 2023 (Bangkok) - Thuchakorn Vachiramon (3rd from left), CEO and founder of Sertis Co., Ltd., met with Anton Mauricio (2nd from left), General Manager of the Philippines’ National Development Company (NDC), and Kasem Pornananat (leftmost), Thailand Country Manager of Pax8, to discuss the use of technology to support and enhance the efficiency of operations for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines, especially in the area of e-commerce platforms. As a consulting and development company specializing in data, technology, digital innovation solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, Sertis aims to function as an AI Engine driving various businesses to effectively manage their organizations. This collaboration with Pax8, a US-based cloud services expert for medium, small, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) worldwide, is a great opportunity to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs associated with organizational management.

National Development Company (NDC), a Philippine government investment organization founded in 1919, operates under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and aims to promote economic growth and support government policies. Recognizing the importance of technology in developing various departments, NDC has established the Philippine Center for Artificial Intelligence (PC-AI) consisting of research and development (R&D), training, and commercial applications divisions to provide market-responsive products and services. In partnership with Sertis and Pax8, the organization is integrating technology into its operations, initially considering the use of ChatGPT and chatbot systems to support the online system or website developed by DTI for e-commerce, in conjunction with enabling infrastructure development, and expanding the success to other departments in the future.

In addition to the goal of expanding the successful implementation of technology for other public sector departments in the Philippines, the three parties also plan to extend their cooperation in investment to other business sectors to support policies that drive AI technology development for the country. This aligns with Sertis' mission to be a key driving force in pushing organizations and government agencies both domestically and internationally to effectively and sustainably utilize AI technology to achieve maximum results


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