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Sertis joins ‘The Digital Transformation of The Energy Industry’ seminar

RENEX Technology, a joint venture involving Sertis Co., Ltd., Mekha V Co., Ltd., and WHA Future Energy Co., Ltd., recently participated in an academic seminar on ‘The Digital Transformation of The Energy Industry’, organized by IEEE Power & Energy Series Thailand. This event serves as a gathering of various sectors, including government sectors, government agencies responsible for energy policy, educational institutions, technology solution providers, and private companies with expertise in technology. Each party came together to share knowledge and promote technological advancements in the energy sector at the national level. As Sertis, we have had the opportunity to develop and provide a peer-to-peer energy trading platform using blockchain technology called RENEX, a platform designed to facilitate the trading of renewable energy within industrial estates.

Sertis aims to play a vital role in the industry by transferring knowledge and understanding of technology's capability, driving the energy industry and power generation businesses to achieve the highest efficiency, and to ensure the effective utilization of limited resources in the future.


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