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The ultimate roles of AI in creative writing

The arrival of generative AI technology has greatly impacted various industries, mainly content creation, writing, and the arts, due to its ability to communicate with humans effectively. However, the necessity of the program is still controversial to most users, writers, and general business users in various industries, given the benefits and impacts of using it. In this article, I invite readers to explore the benefits and examine the operations of generative AI for further consideration of using this intelligence program.

Users have been generally attracted by new technologies. From the beginning of the launch of the latest version of ChatGPT, it’s obviously transforming the old limitations of AI technology’s capabilities and performance, which are not only limited to works that require automation and repetition to operate unskilled works, but this newly developed technology also comes with a creative mindset to produce exquisite works quickly, whether it be writing articles, press releases, advertisements, reviewing contents, research papers, academic works, songwriting, computer programming, or the ability to interact with humans through language processing of written communication. It can provide helpful advice and feedback, which is not limited to just writers or content creators but also extends to researchers, software developers, marketers, and business users, by helping to reduce the workload of answering questions and providing information to a large number of customers during busy periods. Before long, AI will be able to analyze and understand customers' needs and preferences while communicating with them in order to offer the best solutions that suit their needs. Moreover, AI can possibly provide better services compared to humans as it will never make decisions or reactions based on emotions and feelings. Same as creating art pieces by converting text into images as the users desire through command prompt, whether they are the details of elements, compositions, tone, and features of the image. Last but not least, AI has also been developed further to assist humans in composing music by inputting text descriptions of music genres, details, and desired keywords in the lyrics, or even by whistling and humming melodies. These are the examples of what the advancement of AI can possibly do right now.

The existence of ChatGPT, which has been widely used by general users, makes many competitors in the same industry try their best to advance their generative AI in response to the arrival of ChatGPT. The thing that differentiates the program from other companies is likely to be the quality of text and interaction with users, which must come from updated input, excellent model training, efficient processing, and ease of use. Therefore, generative AI will not stop developing because interesting data is constantly being created each day, leading to algorithm development and better processing. At the same time, there will be new professions that require working on feeding commands to the model that utilize prompt engineering skills to work with AI to process accurately, effectively, and more skillfully.

For those who still fear that the arrival of this advanced AI technology will replace human jobs and the ability of our work, instead, try to look for the benefits that we can gain from this technology as a tool to enhance our work in various processes or consider how it can elevate our work to new and more interesting dimensions. Let's take your time to consider it.

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