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Sertis Celebrates 9th Anniversary, Aspires to Become the AI Engine

Sertis Co., Ltd., a leading technology solution provider and digital consulting company in Thailand, celebrated its 9th anniversary on July 7, 2023. Commemorating nine years of success, the company is prepared to step into its 10th year. With an ambition to be the AI Engine providing AI and data solutions, Sertis is poised to support Thai businesses through steady and efficient Digital Transformation.

Mr. Tuchakorn Vachiramon, CEO and Founder of Sertis Co., Ltd., disclosed that in the early days, when AI and data were not as widely known and popular as they are now, we initiated the development of AI solutions with the aim of addressing various business problems. Our dedicated employees, who constantly upgrade their skills and keep abreast of technological updates, have been pivotal in this journey, especially in a rapidly evolving technological landscape where learning never ceases. Our expertise and success have grown from initially serving retail businesses to now extending to a broader range of industries. Our aim is to empower businesses we care about to become leaders and operate efficiently amidst challenging and competitive circumstances. This year, we are persistently evolving our business strategy to become an AI Engine that can catalyze growth in various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, energy, security, and asset management. We firmly believe that AI and data technology are vital catalysts for business growth and success. We are fully prepared to continue to collaborate closely with our clients and partners, pushing their business operations to the forefront, ensuring their competitiveness and stability for the future.

“Celebrating Sertis Day is not just about commemorating our yearly progress, but also a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude for the dedication of our valued management team and employees, who are the key drivers of our company’s success. Their commitment and expertise, coupled with support from our partners who journeyed with us through challenges over the past nine years, are highly appreciated. As we prepare to embark on our 10th year, we promise to continue walking and growing with them on the path to success,” said Mr. Thuchakorn.

The 9th-anniversary celebration of Sertis Day was filled with a fun and warm atmosphere for everyone in the Sertis team. The event, held at the Skyview Hotel Bangkok, featured a singing contest, a lucky draw with plenty of prizes, an award ceremony for the winners of the 9th-anniversary t-shirt design contest, dining, and much more.


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