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Raising children in the age of AI

We are entering the era of AI, with ongoing technology innovation everyone seems to be using these technologies on a daily basis. With everyone turning to AI, for parents, it is the priority to consider ways to raise children in the age of AI. In this article, I will walk you through some of the fundamental guidelines to guide parents on how to prepare children to keep them safe and motivate them to help shape the technology’s future. While the external factors or the support from relevant sources will also contribute to creating quality resources for the next generation that will be driven by technology.

In the age of AI, the pace of change will continue to accelerate and children will face never-ending uncertainty and unpredictable situations. There are 4 skills children need to be equipped by parents. The first skill is Goal setting, for themselves to realize what they want for their lives, what they prefer to do to make a living, their dreams and way of living to lead their life successfully. As AI still requires a lot of instruction and goals under human control, when children are allowed and guided to plan their lives, it will result in them living peacefully and without any obstacles. Secondly, Imagination & Creativity, parents have to prepare their children to develop as creative thinkers, by not limiting learning just from school, but allowing them to learn everything they are interested in - from music, art, to innovation. These learning opportunities will allow them to use their thoughts, learn to ask questions and think outside the box without having to worry about mistakes. Thirdly, Collaboration, it will help children to discover each others' strengths, interests and capabilities. They can learn from each other through the activities they spend time with together. As a result each child can develop a unique set of skills like sharing in a fun and efficient way. Lastly, Communication, this is the core attribute that children must develop to be able to express themselves clearly and confidently in all aspects and other areas of their lives. This skill will help them with the ability to listen to others and the courage to express personal opinions rationally. Apart from these 4 skills children have to prepare, AI and any other communications tools and devices will play a vital role for children to be used effectively, when given proper and appropriate guidance from parents.

However, cooperation from relevant sources, especially in education, to support children's learning in technology to suit each of their learning age is another important factor that we need to think about and in need of support. The basic or fundamental lessons for children in the age of AI should appropriately include; as an example, coding websites and programs engaging with technology to prepare children for their future. Moreover, the related parties or government agencies should consider setting up a policy for the establishment of tech-related organizations or agencies and provide positions for technology personnel employment as well as provide opportunities and support additional learning of qualified technology personnel within the country.

Even though AI has been continuously developing and advancing in many aspects which have concluded with some challenges, but also some great opportunities for humans, especially for the future of children, to create something new with more creativity than AI can ever do. AI still lacks initiative, reasoning, or having an ethical conscience that only humans have from their parents. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to prepare and educate confidence in children and to get them ready to deal with a balanced life with AI, by looking for opportunities to receive from AI rather than fear AI will replace their own abilities.

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