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Data Science
Tailor machine learning solutions that use existing data sources to measurably create value in an automated fashion.
Supply Chain Forecasting

Whether predicting demand, managing the inventory or automatically determining the optimal order quantity, at Sertis we understand the supply chain as a whole. Our team of specialized data scientists built scalable machine learning solutions to automate forecasts and store replenishment systems.

Product Recommendation

Many times, finding the right product from a large set of possibilities is a big problem for both customers and businesses. Recommendation systems help to identify personalized choices to measurably improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Customer Segmentation

Understanding customers is key. Sertis has built many segmentation models, both based on surveys or purely on machine learning models, to better group customers in similar baskets, understanding customer lifetime value and allow to make better informed business decisions.

Mathematical Optimization

Together with our partners, Sertis successfully created optimization solutions for manufacturing clients which significantly increase profitability. These solutions automatically find optimal setup parameters to maximize yield and/or minimize waste.

AI Spatial Prediction

Finding the optimal location for a new store can be a challenging task for many businesses. At Sertis, we developed sophisticated spatial prediction systems to help our clients identify promising areas to open new stores. Among others, these systems heavily rely on point-of-interest data from the surrounding area and combine these with historical data to make accurate predictions about expected sales in a given area.

Fraud Detection

Detecting fraudulent behavior can be crucial for many industries, insurance and finance just to name a few. Given historical data, our team can create high-performing prediction models even for highly imbalanced data sets.

Churn Prediction

Several business situations face the challenge that attracting new customers is more difficult than retaining existing once. This is where churn prediction comes into place. Given historical data, Sertis can build automated systems that reliably predict the probability of customers to churn, making is possible to take action long before the actual churn would happen.

Data Science Consulting

Not all business problems can and should be solved using AI, but some do. Our team helps to identify relevant use cases and estimates the potential business value. Whether fraud detection, e-mail classification, churn prediction,... our technical team will work hand in hand to assess the feasibility and potential impact on your business.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Implement robotics to automate repetitive, high-volume, and time-consuming tasks to eliminate manual work, and free up resources for more value-added tasks

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