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Video Analytics
AI based solution for real time video analytics

Customer Behavior Analysis

Gain more insight from customers to make your sales soar with object detection and tracking technologies

Examining and analyzing customer behaviors at the point of sale to enhance the efficiency of a marketing campaign and gain customer knowledge
Real-time monitoring to ensure that the store occupancy does not exceed Covid-19 restrictions
Recording the number of customers entering/exiting a store at different periods of the day
Applying video analytics technology to surveillance cameras to monitor in-store activities and detect suspected behaviors

Intrusion Detection

Monitoring specified areas and detecting unwanted entry using computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

The color shades of workers’ shirts can be detected by the CCTV cameras.
Users can regulate zone area from CCTV footage and select conditions in each zone.
The AI system will analyze the data from the received real-time images and notify relevant parties immediately

Fire & Smoke Detection

Real-time fire and smoke detection in surveillance by utilizing machine vision to prevent hazardous situations. Our highly responsive end-to-end pipeline ensures successful identification of sustained and escalating threats from fire and smoke in video sequences ensuring prompt alarm activation.


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