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Machine Engine
Deeper manufacturing analysis to optimize process planning and maintenance to streamline the production process

Data Lake

Problem Statement

  • Client’s existing data platform (SAP HANA) cannot ingest new types of data i.e. unstructured data – social media, IoT, streaming data, etc., making it difficult to scale.

  • Require experienced engineers to control the Kiln Rotary machine, and rely solely on human knowledge and know-how.

Our Solutions

  • Develop a centralised Data Lake platform to reduce time consuming manual data gathering working tasks and increase data analytics capabilities

  • Develop a machine learning model that can predict 1 hour before breakdown resulting in huge cost savings

Business Values

  • Centralized, streamlined, and ingest real-time sensor data from manufacturing plants allows other operating entities to perform data science and other analytics use cases in the future

  • On-site engineers know early before the machine breakdown, so they can plan the maintenance process beforehand and support cost savings in the future


Process Mining

Optimize manufacturing costs by tracking all processes and identifying bottlenecks


Predictive Maintenance

Predict manufacturing process breakdowns early so engineers can plan maintenance beforehand


Production Optimization

Improve production planning efficiency and flexibility by using automated optimization algorithms


Performance Monitoring

Collect and personalize data in one platform to monitor business performance and support management decisions

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