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Data Visualization
Visualize your report and automate your analysis
to find faster insight and better business decisions
Data Visualization
The process of turning data into visual representations that tell stories, trends, and patterns through visual elements such as graphs or charts. Data visualization maximizes the value of data by making it easiest to understand, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
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An AI-powered business intelligence platform that masters connecting and visualizing data to discover insight, share across organizations, and get questions answered fast, making insight more insightful and making your decision more confident.
data access storage
data consolidate
Intuitive interaction and
access data at speed
Consolidated insight operations
data link accurate detection
Fast and accurate trend and outlier detection
data cross organization
Cross-organization accessibility
How we create your business visualization
Person Analyzing Data
Data infrastructure
and warehouse
We set up a robust data infrastructure from scratch by building a unified, automated system of data mapping, governing, assessing, integrating, and quality controlling, with the data warehouse as a centerpiece where every element is kept in place.
intelligence analysis
We translate your business requirements to our technical requirements. And with powerful AI-powered BI tools, we make data queries, aggregate data, analyze data to uncover a hidden answer, and deliver actionable insight to help our clients draw informed business conclusions.
Office Meeting consulting
We provide expert guidance and consultation from our certified PowerBI consultants with years of experience in PowerBI implementation for various retailers in Asia.
Computer with Graph dashboard
Dashboard design
and development
We design and develop a real-time visualized interactive dashboard with standardized reports and features that maximize usability. The synchronized dashboard allows stakeholders to get a broad view of data and simplifies operation and planning across organizations.
Sample of PowerBI Dashboard
Get a single page that tells everything you need - stories, trends, patterns, and outliers - all in one place
Business Health
Sertis data dashboard

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