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Skills needed to live and work in an AI-driven world

With many recent technological advancements developed by humans like artificial intelligence, especially AI, the world is rapidly changing, and the way humans live and work is totally different as we move towards a more automated future. The drastic advancements in the world of technology have undoubtedly made our lives more convenient and efficient. However, in order to live and adapt our lives to become accustomed to using and living with any new technology devices or robots, we must be open to it and equip ourselves with a skill set that will allow us to live seamlessly in a world driven by AI technology.

Our routine has been digitized and can be seen in our day-to-day lives in almost all aspects that we have been involved with. First and foremost, we should be open to using it for our own benefit and understand how AI and robots work so that we know how to live with them peacefully. However, there’s no fear of robots replacing humans as long as we are the ones with the ability to teach and train AI machines. As a result, we should never stop learning about new technology and be aware of how to use it by controlling technology gadgets to ensure they work properly and do not endanger our lives.

As part of the company's valuable assets, we should always be eager to seek more knowledge and advance our skills to stay ahead of the unstoppable pace of technology. In addition to having technical know-how, there are certain skills we need to have in order to foster work collaboration with AI, including Communication Skill, which are the most essential skills we need to have on a daily basis in order to effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas to others or to negotiate, convince, and bargain to achieve the goal of the conversation or agreement. This also includes listening, asking questions, and communicating through body language to express the emotion through feelings and gestures, which is something that AI cannot do. Next, Interpersonal Skill, a type of social skill that helps us interact and collaborate with others effectively. Typical examples of interpersonal skills include empathy, active listening, and emotional intelligence. As humans, we are different from AI machines in the fact that we require the emotional need to affiliate with and be accepted by members of a group as part of the society we live in. Critical Thinking, a kind of thinking in which we question, analyze, interpret, evaluate, and make a judgment about the problems or circumstances we face through careful and rational thinking. Complex Problem Solving, covers the identifying, managing, and solving of problems through critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in a systematic way. This is a soft skill that companies are always looking for in their employees. The last skill is Creativity, which is the skill that AI and robots lack. There’s no thinking outside the box for robots, so they cannot generate new ideas on their own without human instruction or input. Therefore, as humans, we develop the creativity within ourselves that is born out of experiences and endless learning through life events that are certainly different and superior to AI and robots.

In the end, to push today’s organization into a fully-operated technology company, especially in the area of employee benefits to be working with AI and machines as effectively as possible, it inevitably arises from the good attitude and mindset of the executives who have set work goals with balanced work structure between employees and technology as well as to create the organizational culture that encourages the exchange of ideas, acceptance, and openness to adaptation and change for a better AI working environment. In the near future, there will be the emergence of interesting new jobs that require employees' abilities to work closely with technology, so it is essential that employees or the personnel of the companies cooperate in learning to control and work with technology that will help enhance their own working potential, lead to flexibility in work, and create the maximum work efficiency in accordance with the company goals among the unceasing advancement of technology in today's world that never stops and waits for any of us.


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