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How AI plays a part as a match maker during New Normal lifestyle

The social distancing we are keeping these days during the lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic has made us change our lifestyle in many different ways. One of those changes is online dating and long distance relationships. Since the pandemic started, the number of online dating apps downloads thrived 20% during the lockdown. The AI used in dating applications has played a big part with algorithms and Machine Learning in the form of clustering for the perfect matches. In this article, I will try to shed some light on how AI is used in building a dating algorithm.

The dating apps are built and processed by AI and Machine Learning by matching the users profiles with their behaviors, lifestyles, interests and tastes recognized by Machine Learning to pair a match perfectly. Firstly, AI will filter out unmatch users, and keep only possible candidates who seem to fit each other. All the information collected from users is processed by AI, using location-tracking or GPS to find the nearest users based on the locations they are at and then filter the profiles to see the possible matches.

Giving the example of British dating apps such as Badoo, which uses Face Recognition technology to let users find a match that looks like anyone at all, including their ex or celebrity crush. Users can upload a picture of someone and the app will find lookalikes among all users. That way, users can find their preference match as perfect as they can search for.

Another example, the Akita Prefecture Government in Japan works together with AI development partners, to help with matchmaking for residents who register in the system, after they have answered over 100 questions. The system developed by AI will analyse and recommend the users with their potential match.

At the same time, users' security is much more important. Dating apps also have the identity verification system to prevent counterfeit users before the profile is created and used. However, users should be cautious of how they use and allow the apps to access their personal information or to share personal information to their candidates via the application.

Notable online music streaming application recently launched a new feature to let the users listen to the same song at the same time even if they didn’t know each other, called the “listening together” campaign.

In the wake of Covid-19, partners or couples have to find their ways in dating when they live apart and are not allowed to see each other during the lockdown. Social distancing has come in their way - watching movies, attending concerts or dining together are something they are not allowed to do but technology has saved their lives.

The changes we need to adapt ourselves to during Covid-19, part of it we have to undeniable rely on technologies to connect each other so lives can continue. Humans have the ability to adapt to the changes, as well as the technology that has been discovered and developed by humans. The accuracy and intelligence AI has is by far dependent on human input and expertise; to share information, data or sets of situations. Consequently, online platform services will benefit and create the best experience for its users when the data is used wisely in a way that’s ethical and responsible to operate at its full potential for us all.

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