Multisource Text Analytics works by feeding the Blockchain text from multiple sources, such as news, social media data, enterprise documents, etc. and then analysing the text and providing powerful document search functionality to support marketing and sales strategy to achieve their business goals.

The Datana TextLab functions in 3 roles.

Voice Analytics

Handling and analysing voice-based data based on the customer’s objectives, with its benefits of detecting salesman and customer voices to define keywords and sentiments in each micro journey of the customers in store and analysing conversation to improve sales performance.

Sentiment Analysis

Enhancing trend models providing more customer insight, such as customer feedback alerts, negative online feedback management, sentiment classification and feedback trend reports.

Trend Analysis

The in depth analysis of online data, including engagement insights, trendy content, and word-specific trend search for trend analysis on social media and news as well as brands and product monitoring.


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