Multilevel Segmentation

Segment clients, branches, regions and other organization levels based on transaction data - this helps to understand customer behaviour and allows capturing the right segment for right action.

Cross-sell / Up-sell Models

Analyse client data, such as order history, promotions and location details, for example to predict which products the clients have propensity to purchase or to find mechanisms to extend life cycle of the products.

Product Recommendations

Assess purchasing patterns based on recent transactions and customer details to recommend products that customers have potential to buy. Address cold-start problem of new products.

Churn and Retention Model

Inventory Management

By balancing between demand and cost in the inventory, the total benefit can be optimized.

Time-series Forecasting

To provide time-series forecasting, e.g. demand, by identifying trend, seasons and cycles and combining with external data such as competitor status and economic outlook.

A leading Big Data platform with proven scalability to handle advanced AI and machine learning applications for all your big data needs.

Datana provides interfaces needed to aggregate, clean, and extract meaningful insights from large datasets (compatible with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP)

A portal to view various BI reports in one place with custom security layer to match the most demanding applications.

Our own BI platform for those looking for a more cost-effective alternative to existing BI tools. The users can put the data by themselves, so this platform is suitable for organisations concerned about safety.


An artificial intelligence created to help reduce the workload of teachers by generating a test, suitable and efficient for testing the capability of each individual student in order to enhance the quality of education.


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