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Data Processing
Data Preparation
Turn raw data into a ready-to-use format. No matter how powerful data is, if it is not organized, it is not fully utilized.
Data Mapping & Validation
Create and validate a unified map of data from various separated sources to ensure that the format or logic is adjusted automatically and gets to its destination correctly. Data Mapping and Validation avoids potential errors or inconsistencies in data migration and integration.
Data Governance
Design a standardized data guideline in terms of quality, safety, management, roles, responsibilities, and access of data collection, storage, and usage across the organization. The standardized guideline ensures data trustworthiness and facilitates an effective operation process.
Readiness Assessment
Compare the company’s current situation with the data-driven standard of the overall industry and identify your own improvement areas. Readiness Assessment bridges the gap between the current data situation of your organization and the ideal one.
Data Integration
Gather data from diverse sources, organize, and present them in the big picture. Data Integration combines all essential metrics in one interface to facilitate the data query, analysis, and management from across the organization.
Data Normalization & Quality Assurance
Ensure ongoing data quality and consistency across the organization by detecting errors and anomalies, eliminating redundancy, and regularly updating input data to match the changing structure.
Data Lake Platform
Create a centralized data storage platform that automatically extracts and transforms data from various types and sources into the consistent format, and processes according to your purpose.
Data Analytics Platform
Build an ecosystem of end-to-end analytical services starting from storing to analyzing enormous data to provide the client with real-time meaningful insights

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