Employee Management & Access Control

An AI face recognition and verification system with 99.8% accuracy that verifies, detects and identifies employee’s faces, allowing the user to check the clock-in and clock-out time. The face identification shows ID, name, position and more information of both employees and guests for safety reasons. All the information will be recorded and shown in Dashboard which is efficient for the person in charge to monitor and plan regarding employee performance. The software can be used in the Human Resources Department, Real Estate industry, and any other related organisation.

Retail Analytics

Comprehensive AI-driven solution for retail and store analytics by profiling customers entering and leaving a store. This includes counting customers, detecting customer paths in specific areas, resulting in understanding where customers spend most time in store, heatmap, and detecting products on shelves and showing compliance rate to standard planograms. All information will be shown in Dashboard to support sales & marketing campaigns, or any business making decisions effectively. It helps customers achieve business goals.

Sertis Face Scan is an AI-powered Face Recognition software that delivers with fast and class-leading accuracy. It is comprised of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that are extremely accurate across the population. They have been trained and fine-tuned using millions of high diversity (age, gender, ethnicity etc.) images. Furthermore, the software is hardware optimised, allowing it to run on resource-constrained devices at real-time speed. This helps to lower hardware costs, giving customers a more cost-effective and reliable face recognition system for boarding processes, access control and others.

Sertis x AirAsia : Sertis Face Scan

Sertis launches “Sertis Face Scan”, an AI-powered face recognition system that operates in real-time and with class-leading accuracy. The company is working in partnership with AirAsia to test face recognition boarding systems at Senai and Kuching International Airports in Malaysia. This technology aims to optimise the airline’s boarding process with improved speed and safety while enabling a more seamless passenger experience. The system will go live later this year.

A machine learning based medical application featuring skin disease prediction, real-time analysis with state-of-the-art algorithm, mole evolution tracking, and a dermatologist referral system that helps doctors and the general population to quickly examine Melanoma, Seborrheic Keratosis, and other skin diseases by analysing skin lesion images taken by a dermatoscope. The Cutis.AI Lens is a highly affordable camera attachment for dermoscopy. It provides a high-resolution, detailed view of skin lesion via 20x magnification and polarised lighting.



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