Custom AI Development

Develop best in class customised AI solutions for all your business needs

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Leverage data science and AI to drive the growth of your business

Data Analytics Consultation

Our consultants work with you to design and execute projects that fit your objective

Big Data Infrastructure

End to end infrastructure to support current and future data and AI solution 


Design and build custom blockchain applications to your business

"We chose Sertis for the company's expertise and high standard of Data Science and Data Engineering that can optimize our data preparation process and predictive model that serve our business to the next level."

"Smart Energy Platform has been orchestrated by Sertis which supports a wider range of energy usage more efficiently such as Alternative Energy and Smart Grid, raising the living standard of the people to have an access to source of energy available."

"CPF has collaborated with Sertis to develop technology for farm management. We believe that Sertis can use their expertise to further develop an intelligent management system that reduces potential problems on the farm."

"Sertis Face Scan delivers accurate and reliable AI-powered face recognition system. This optimisation helps to lower hardware costs, giving airlines a more cost-effective and reliable face recognition system for boarding process."

"Sertis helps us build ideas on top of each other and dares to challenge us on what matters to business, not just follow our list of requirement."


Leading Data Science

and AI Research Company

We offer world class custom artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics solutions to ensure our clients capture the full benefit of new technologies. 

Our current focus regions are South-East Asia and Australia. We have been working with leading companies in Asia since 2014. Our team of more than 100 professionals cover areas ranging from computer vision to time series forecasting.


Sertis provides both off the shelf solutions as well as customised AIs for our clients. Our expert team of data and AI consultants will work closely with clients to understand their business needs and to deliver bespoke solutions that are just right for them. 


To empower people and organizations with machine intelligence


To create safe machine intelligence that transforms industries with the customers' best interests at heart


Tee Vachiramon

Jarun Ngamvirojcharoen

Kasedith Vardhanabhuti

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Data Scientist & VP of Data Innovation Lab

Chief Strategy Officer

Dhawat Pansatiankul

Chief Operating Officer


Solutions Innovation

Partner of the Year 2019

Data & AI




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